12. septembur 2019
Annika setti altjóða ráðstevnu um etikk í heilsurøkt
Í dag er ein altjóða ráðstevna í Kongshøll um etikk í heilsurøkt og gransking. Annika Olsen, borgarstjóri, setti ráðstevnuna í morgun.

Ráðstevnan viðgerð serligu etisku spurningarnar, sum eru galdandi í heilsurøkt og gransking, tá ið fólk í nógvum førum kenna hvønn annan.

Røðan hjá Anniku Olsen sæst niðanfyri. 
Myndir frá ráðstevnuni eru at síggja HER.

--- --- ---

Dear organisers, dear participants, dear guests.

It is a great honour for me as the Mayor of Tórshavn to welcome you all to our capital. I hope these beautiful surroundings will reinforce the conference’s purpose of addressing ethical challenges in health care and research when in small-scale communities organised by the Nordic Committee on Bioethics in collaboration with the University of the Faroe Islands.

The City Council always welcomes initiatives that bring people together. Initiatives that motivate people and make them seize new opportunities.

It is gratifying to look around and see so many smiling faces – a pleasant start to what I know is going to be a great and enlightening day.

--- --- ---

The different corners of the world are more interconnected than ever before. Discussing bioethics is relevant for people all around the world but there are also some unique issues that apply to small communities alone. This fits well into the rich tradition that Nordic countries have in acknowledging the intricate relationship between the local and the global - that local livelihoods very much depend on global processes, and vice versa.

Kongshøll – or The King’s Hall – has become an iconic building in the Tórshavn marina. This glass and concrete construction built in the last century has been newly restored. Kongshøll opened last year as a hub for knowledge, research, and culture.

Over the course of this conference, you will dive into topics that are very much part of an ongoing discussion in the Faroe Islands. Bioethics requires a collaboration between different research partners and professions. These settings, I think, suit the event. The building has turned into an educational powerhouse in the spirit of Nordic collaboration and with the purpose of sharing knowledge and building on a shared understanding between our societies.

There are many challenges to deal with and I am sure that we will get new and valuable insights today.

--- --- ---

When our founding fathers settled here in the Faroe Islands more than a thousand years ago, it was because they believed in a bright future and because they saw the importance of having both feet firmly planted in one central location.

What they first experienced was later to become Tórshavn which has been the gathering place in our country ever since.

Tórshavn can trace its history all the way back to the Vikings. The town is named after the Norse god of war, Thor, and Tórshavn means Thor’s harbour. The Vikings established their Parliament on the Tinganes peninsula in 825AD. They met at the Parliament – or ‘ting’, as we call it – every summer to pass new laws and resolve conflicts.

You can feel the arch of history here as the old and the new rub shoulders every day. It is still easy to find yourself standing on stones trodden by Viking chieftains a thousand years ago.

We have a great number of living reminders of the past in Tórshavn that bring a unique energy to the oldest sections of the city. For instance, a walk along the charming and still-inhabited homes nestled along twisting, narrow pathways in the Reyni district next to the city centre church will take you back hundreds of years into the city’s rich heritage.

I hope this short historical throwback will contribute to your efforts to embrace the challenges of ethics of health care and research in small-scale communities.

--- --- ---

As the capital of the Faroe Islands, we want to support a scientific agenda that covers key issues of relevance. And today’s topic is highly relevant. Which challenges are there when providing health care in small-scale communities? What should our citizens expect? Which considerations should we take into account as important influencers in our modern society? How can we deal with challenges related to confidentiality and privacy?

We support a knowledge-based future by investing in increased scientific collaboration between the University of the Faroe Islands and the Municipality, and by investing in student housing that increases well-being among our budding scientists and helps to foster an international scientific campus culture in Tórshavn.

As a municipality, we place high emphasis on creating good conditions for academic research, as we believe firmly that the health and wellbeing of a city depends on its responsiveness to research and development.

Due to the huge importance of how we deal with bioethics in our societies, all scientific achievements in this field should be encouraged and supported. I am glad that the scientific community in the Nordic countries is taking such an active role in this endeavor, and I am glad that Tórshavn can play a part by hosting this conference. With more than 100 attendees and an exciting program containing 9 speakers, there is no doubt that this subject is both relevant and important.

As I understand from the introduction by Isabelle Budin-Ljøsne, chair of the Nordic Committee on Bioethics, the conference sessions will cover key ethical topics when conducting research and dealing with people in small-scale societies.

It is good to see that a large proportion of the conference participants are active scientists, presenting their own results to the audience.

--- --- ---

I would like to thank you all for bringing your expertise to this congress, and, as the Mayor of Tórshavn, I am delighted to see you all in the capital of the Faroe Islands.

I hope you will have an experience of a lifetime, both at this event and as you experience our beautiful city in your free time.

Finally, a big thank you to the organisers. Thanks for making this event possible and for inspiring the audience to dig into this pertinent topic.

As the Mayor of Tórshavn, I wish you all an exciting conference and an enchanting stay in the Faroe Islands.

Thank you.

Annika Olsen
Mayor of Tórshavn