16. septembur 2019
Ráðstevna um burðardyggan upphavsrætt
Rættindafelagsskapurin Fjølrit skipar fyri norðurlendskari ráðstevnu í Føroyum 16. - 18. septembur 2019 um upphavsrætt.

Til móttøku í kvøld í Mullers Pakkhúsi, bjóðaði Annika Olsen, borgarstjóri, gestunum vælkomnum til Tórshavnar kommunu. Áleið 75 fólk taka lut á ráðstevnuni, sum verður hildin á Hotel Føroyum.

Fjølrit og Tórshavnar kommuna skrivaðu herfyri undir avtalu um rættin at nýta vard verk. Tann avtalan varð undirskrivað í januar 2019.

Myndir frá móttøkuni eru at síggja HER.

Niðanfyri er brot úr røðuni, sum borgarstjórin bar fram.

--- --- ---

The different corners of the world are more interconnected than ever before. Discussing intellectual property is relevant for people all around the world but there are also some unique issues that apply to our societies. This fits well into the rich tradition that Nordic countries have in acknowledging the intricate relationship between the local and the global - that local livelihoods very much depend on global processes, and vice versa.

Müllers Pakkhús – or Müller’s Warehouse – is one of the most iconic buildings in the Tórshavn marina. This old wooden storehouse from the 18th Century has been restored within the last 20 years. Müllers Pakkhús recently opened the top floors and the house is now more than ever a hub for culture in the capital.

This building has turned into a cultural powerhouse in the spirit of Nordic collaboration and with the purpose of sharing knowledge and building on a shared understanding between our societies.

There are many challenges to deal with and I am sure that you will get new and valuable insights during this conference.

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As the capital of the Faroe Islands, we want to support an agenda where organisations can have a say on key issues of relevance for a more sustainable future. And the topic at this conference is highly relevant. How do we address the challenges of protecting intellectual property in the digital age? How do we protect authors’ rights? What should our citizens expect? Which considerations should we as influencers take into account in our modern society? How can we reinforce our creative communities and make them thrive?

I would like to thank you all for bringing your expertise to this conference, and, as the Mayor of Tórshavn, I am delighted to welcome you all to the capital of the Faroe Islands.

Annika Olsen
Mayor of Tórshavn