Tórshavn Municipality

Since 850 AD, when the Vikings first began gathering on a small spit of land jutting out into the bay to conduct their summer Ting deliberations, Tórshavn Municipality has been at the centre of growth and development in the Faroe Islands.

It became an independent municipality in 1866 and was granted provincial town status on 1 January 1909.

Today, the Municipality has a population of around 21.200, which equates to 42,0% of the total population of the Faroe Islands.

Over the last few years, many of the existing municipalities in the central region of the country have merged. This merging has provided a opportunity for Tórshavn Municipality to expand and develop not only the building options available, but also the opportunities for business development in general. The increase in population also makes it possible for the Municipality itself to take on many different tasks that otherwise fell to the national government.

Tórshavn Municipality encompasses these areas: Tórshavn, Argir, Hoyvík, Hvítanes, Kaldbak, Kaldbaksbotnur, Kirkjubøur, Velbastaður, Kollafjørður, Oyrareingir, Signabøur, Sund, Norðradalur, Syðradalur and the neighbouring islands of Nólsoy, Hestur and Koltur. The area covered by the Municipality has grown from 116 km2 to 173 km2. We are thus the largest municipality in the country.