Municipal Council

Tórshavn Municipality is managed by the Tórshavn Town Council, which is comprised of 13 members. The Town Council is elected every four years. Generally, the Town Council holds public meetings once a month.

The Town Council is the highest governing authority. The Mayor serves as its head. The position of Mayor is full-time and the Mayor oversees the daily operations of the Municipality. The Mayor ensures that the goals and objectives of the Municipality are assigned to the appropriate committee or individual. If necessary, the Mayor promulgates regulations and directives setting forth how a particular matter shall be handled.

To stand for election to the Town Council, one must be at least 18 years of age and citizenship in the Faroe Islands. One must also be registered in the Municipal Resident Registry no later than two weeks before the date of election and must continue to remain personally resident in the Municipality as of the date of election.

Citizens of other countries that have permanent residency in the Faroe Islands for three years prior to an election, also have the right to vote and may stand for election in the municipal election.

In Tórshavn Municipality, it is customary to be nominated and supported by a political party.