Tórshavn, the Capital

Tórshavn, the capital of the Faroe Islands, is surrounded by a huge water area. Havnin, as Tórshavn often is called, offers daycare centres, elementary and middle schools, high schools and an university, as well as sports facilities, a hospital and other health services. There are senior centres and retirement homes, as well as long-term care facilities.

The capital offers various cultural centres, a diversity of high street shops, a vibrant business community, and hotels, restaurants and much more. Tórshavn also hosts many of the country’s governmental administrative offices and agencies. Tórshavn is thus a modern city that is continuously developing and growing.

Even though the capital is a modern city, there are many living reminders of history that bring a unique energy to the town. Historic homes nestled along twisting, narrow pathways, speak of a time long ago. In Tórshavn, the old and the new rub shoulders all the time, especially in the city centre where it is still easy to find yourself standing on stones tred by Viking chieftans a 1000 years ago.