Quick access to information

Tórshavn Municipality places great emphasis on ensuring that its residents can easily find out what is happening in the municipality. The Faroes are more and more a part of the larger world and many foreigners arrive on our shores, either on business or as tourists, or to settle down and live in the Faroes. Therefore, Tórshavn Municipality wishes to offer those from afar a guiding and helping hand. Thus, a part of this website is offered in English, Russian and Polish.

(literally, “quick counter”) is the dedicated services desk designed especially to provide fast and efficient service to all residents in the Municipality. If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact the office. It is located in the building across from the town hall in the city centre courtyard known as Vaglið.

(Municipal Help Desk)

Vaglið 1, FO-100 Tórshavn  
Telephone: +298 30 20 10.
Opening Hours: Monday – Thursday: 9 – 16. Friday: 9 – 15.

Information Offices

The Information Office provides a variety of information and services for visitors as well as residents. It provides information about Tórshavn around the country and abroad. It offers maps and brochures about the town and maintains an active and up-to-date list of activities in the Municipality. The Information Office collaborates and helps organize cultural and business-related events in the Municipality and activities in connection with the tourism industry.

Tórshavn Municipality operates two information offices, one in Tórshavn and one on Nólsoy.

Visit Tórshavn
Vaglið, Post Box 379, FO-110 Tórshavn
Telephone: +298 30 24 25. Fax +298 30 24 26

Opening Hours:
May - Sept: Monday and Friday: 7 – 17.30, Tuesday – Thursday: 8 – 17.30, Saturday: 9 – 14.
Sept - May: Monday – Friday: 9 – 17.30 and Saturday: 10 – 14.

Nólsoy Information Office
FO-270 Nólsoy. Telephone: +298 32 70 60
www.visitnolsoy.fo .

Opening Hours during summer: Monday – Sunday: 10 – 17.
Principal websites for the tourist industry in the Faroe Islands, for both foreigners and Faroese.