Child Care

The municipality offers childcare for its youngest citizens in a variety of daycare settings that are designed for infants and pre-schoolers alike, including certified private homes.

Even though you might not have the need for comprehensive daycare when your new baby arrives, it is advisable to get your name on the waiting list for places in the daycare centre of your choice, mainly because priority is based on your registration date. If a child is registered within a month of being born, the date of birth is used as the registration date. The child must live in Tórshavn Municipality to be registered. If you intend to move to the Faroes, you may register your child six months before you arrive in the Faroes.

Our goal is to meet the demand for daycare to all children that are one years old or older. An application for childcare can be obtained at the Snarskivan.

The cost for daycare per month in 2014 is: infant care – 2.463 DKK; nursery - 1.530 DKK; for pre-schoolers – 985 DKK. Childcare is available for each group for 11 months a year.