Youth Centre (Margarinfabrikkin)

The Youth Centre is a hobby and activity centre for children and young people where all can enjoy themselves in a safe environment. Open weekdays, it offers a wealth of activities.

These activities include air hockey, pool, karoke, foosball, and even a workshop for arts and crafts. The Centre features a number of computers with the latest equipment, including Internet access and games. The Centre organises field trips, lectures, discothèque nights, as well as café evenings, and mini-film festivals. There are also good facilities to play music.

The youth that use the Centre in the evening have truly left their creative mark on the building. The artistic groups, Scrub Art, Jelly Kitties and Pixel, have especially been able to develop their artistic talents.

Youth Centre (Margarinfabrikkin)
Magnus Heinasonar gøta FO-100 Tórshavn.
Telephone: +298 30 21 19

Opening Hours:
Children (3 – 7 grade): Monday – Friday: 11.30 – 17.
Youth (14 –18 years): Monday – Thursday: 18 – 22.

Children who are 14 years of age and who wish to use the facilities during the day may have their parents contact the Centre staff for permission.