Elementary School

The public elementary schools offer 9 years of foundation education and an elective 10th year. The task of the elementary schools is to ensure that our children gain not only an understanding of themselves and the world around them, but also that they learn the necessary competencies, work habits and language skills that will support each child in his or her overall personal development.

Children are required to attend school from 7 years of age until they complete 9 years of schooling. In Tórshavn Municipality, there are 14 public elementary schools and two private elementary schools.

Choosing a School
Registration for first grade takes place in January. Information about registration is provided via the media. In Tórshavn, registration takes place in the meeting chambers of the Town Council. Registration for the Adventist School occurs at the school, which is also the case for Kollafjørður, Kaldbak, Velbastaður, and the schools on the islands of Nólsoy and Hestur.

Parents of children that move to the Faroes in the middle of the school year should contact the school principal to determine if there is space for their child(ren). If you experience any trouble in contacting the proper school official, you are welcome to contact the Social Affairs Office of Tórshavn Municipality, telephone: +298 30 20 10.