Faroese for Newly-arrived Residents

The Evening School arranges for special course in Faroese for not only Nordic citizens, but for English-speaking immigrants.

The purpose is to provide foreigners with a grasp of the Faroese language. The aim is to encourage the students to read, write and speak conversational Faroese.

1. An Introduction to Faroese Society, Language and Culture for Immigrants

This course aims to give students a basic introduction to Faroese society,  enabling them to cope with everyday situations of daily life in the Faroe Islands.

2. Faroese for Scandinavians
A language course designed for Scandinavians residing in the Faroe Islands

3. Faroese for Foreigners
A language course designed for English-speaking learners.

These courses are part of the regular Evening School courses which begin in September and end in March/April of the following year. The length of the courses vary between 40-60 hours.

This academic year 2009/10, Tórshavn Evening School plans to offer a special "20-hr. course in Faroese" for foreigners.This is a free course that all foreigners with residence/work permits have a right to. The course is funded by the Ministry of Culture and Education.

Please contact the Evening School for any further information about the Evening School and its courses.

Tórshavn Evening School
Frúutrøð 1, FO-100 Tórshavn
Telephone: +298 30 24 72. Fax: +298 30 24 71
Please note that the office is closed when the elementary schools are closed.

The Tórshavn Public Library offers some resources for self-study in Faroese. The Library offers a Faroese language course for speakers of the Nordic languages; there are also many audio books that could be used to assist in learning Faroese.

Tórshavn Public Library (Býarbókasavnið)
Niels Finsensgøta 7, FO-100 Tórshavn
Telephone: +298 30 20 30, Fax: +298 30 20 31
Opening Hours:
Monday – Friday: 10 – 18 and Saturday: 10 – 14.