Independent Living for the Elderly

The Municipality has two homes for the elderly that are designed for those who are more independent and do not require assisted care. Applications for these homes are available at Snarskivan, telephone +298 30 20 10.

Independent Living Home (Eldrasambýlið oman Hoydalar)
Oman Hoydalar 6, FO-188 Hoyvík
Telephone: +298 31 71 33

Independent Living Home (Eldrasambýlið)
Inni í Firði 97, FO-410 Kollafjørður
Telephone: +298 42 12 49. Fax: +298 42 10 68

Respite Care
Elderly and infirm living at home may be entitled to some respite care service. The length of the respite care varies, but no one may receive more than 90 days of respite care during any one calendar year. Applications for respite care are available in the Snarskivan, +298 30 20 10.

Home Visit Service
The Home Visit Service is available for those over 75 years of age. Twice a year, the elderly are visited by staff from the Municipality. The purpose of the visit service is to establish on-going connection with the elderly. During the visits, information is shared about the different events taking place in the Municipality and the support that is available for the elderly. The intent is to recognize and address small problems before they grow into big problems. The staff who visit the elderly are trained healthcare workers and experienced in working with the elderly.

Residents of the Municipality who feel that they would benefit from such a visit may contact the regional office of the Home Services of Southern Streymoy, +298 31 72 49.