Senior Centres

The Municipality hosts several senior centres where the elderly can meet and enjoy each other’s company.

The largest of these centres is called Tilhaldið and is on Tórsgøta near the centre of town. It opened its doors in 1998. Here one can play cards, learn how to use a computer, read magazines, attend lectures, and much more.

The Undirhúsið (literally, “Under House”) in Vágsbotnur and in Argir are two gathering places where elderly men come together to chat and play cards. Moreover, the community centres in Kollafjørður and on Nólsoy offer opportunities for the elderly to come together.

Argir Undirhúsið
Telephone: +298 31 90 02.

Nólsoy Community Centre (Dagtilhaldið)
Telephone: +298 28 70 34.

Tórsgøta 21, FO-100 Tórshavn
Telephone: +298 31 64 91. Fax: +298 31 64 81

Undirhúsið í Vágsbotni
Telephone: +298 21 21 44