Work and Residency Permits

Foreign relations and the control of immigration into the Faroes are administered by the Danish government. The Danish Imigration Service in Copenhagen administers all applications for work and residency permits for the Faroes. The Faroese government, however, recently established a new “Foreigner’s Office” in Tórshavn. The new Foreigner’s Office in Tórshavn processes and reviews applications for work and residency permits for the Faroes on behalf of the Danish Imigration Service.
Foreign nationals that desire to move to the Faroes must submit an application for a work and residency permit. In principle, an application must be submitted from the home country. If the applicant has lived in another country, e.g. Denmark, for some time, the applicant should contact the Danish Imigration Service for guidance on where to submit the application.

In general, Nordic citizens may freely move to the Faroes to live and work. No special permit is required. Foreign nationals who accompany a Faroese or Nordic spouse have the right to be granted a family reunification permit if they meet the requirements for such a permit. In the main, the requirements are that the applicant must be married to or in a long-term partnership with the Faroese for at least 1½ - 2 years.

EU citizens (Non-Nordic) are required to obtain a work and residency permit to work in the Faroes. In general, the special rules in effect for EU citizens are only applicable if the unemployment rate in the Faroes remains under 3.5%. These applications from EU citizens are processed by the Danish authorities. Normally, applications are not sent to the Faroese authorities for comment and review.

EU citizens that have been granted a provisional work permit for employment with a previously approved employer or a previously approved temporary placement agency under the newly adopted EU employment system shall be assigned a temporary personal number from the Faroese Tax and Customs Administration under which they can receive their wages until a regular work permit is issued

If you are a foreign national of a country outside the EU and are not a Nordic citizen, you must submit your application for a work and residency permit before you arrive in the Faroes. Non-Nordic visiting students, exchange students, and au pairs must also submit their applications for work and residency permits before they enter the Faroes.

Foreign athletes may obtain work and residency permits pursuant to a special 2008 agreement. One condition is that the relevant sports association pays the athlete at least 9.334,42 DKK per month. While the permit is in effect, the athlete is free to engage in other work. However, this income is limited to a nominal 8.616,34 DKK as stipulated in the agreement with the sports association.

If you have questions on work and residency permits, you are welcome to visit the Foreign Office in Tórshavn.

Foreign Office (Útlendingastovan)
Niels Finsensgøta 10, 3rd floor, P.O. Box 220, FO-110 Tórshavn
Telephone: +298 35 79 79. Fax: +298 35 79 78

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