Assistance and Guidance for the handicapped

MEGD is the agency in the Faroes representing 23 different groups offering support and assistance to those with disabilities and various challenging sicknesses. The membership covers four groups: those with mobility difficulties, those with medical concerns, communication difficulties, and psychological or neurological concerns.

Íslandsvegur 10 C, FO-100 Tórshavn.
Telephone: +298 31 73 73. Fax: +298 31 08 13.

Transport for the handicapped
The Municipality offers a special bus for the disabled, which can be ordered by calling the Fire Station, +298 30 21 00. Use of the bus is free during normal business hours. In the evening and over the weekend, it is possible to use the bus as one would a regular taxi and pay the regular taxi fare. Trips outside normal business hours during the week must be scheduled before 16.00 and trips over the weekend must be scheduled before 15.30 on Friday. The bus is only available for approved users. An application for approved status is available here. The application should be sent to the Social Department, Tórshavn Municipality, Post Office Box 32, FO-110 Tórshavn for review and approval.