There are four, regulation-size football pitches in the Municipality. In addition, there are several smaller neighbourhood pitches. There are five sports centres and eight gymnastics centres. One can take up a variety of sports, including football, handball, badminton, volleyball, and basketball, etc.

Swimming Pools
There are five swimming pools in the Municipality. The largest is the swimming pool facility located in Gundadalur. There are pools for all age groups, as well as a sauna, tanning room, and a bubble bath. The other pools are, for the most part, designed for use by school children and are located at Argir School, Eysturskúlin (school), Kollafjørður School and the school on Hestur.

List of Swimming Pools:
Swimming Hall in Gundadalur
Hoydalsvegur 21, FO-100 Tórshavn
Telephone: +298 30 20 70 or +298 30 20 72. Fax: +298 30 20 71

Swimming Pool at Kollafjørður School
Telephone: +298 30 25 50

Eysturskúlin (school)
Telephone: +298 30 25 40

Argir School
Telephone: +298 30 25 10

Swimming Pool on Hestur
If you are interested in hiring the swimming pool on Hestur, please call +298 21 40 94.