Available Services

If you are resident in the Municipality, you may be eligible for a number of different services provided by the Municipality or the agencies under its direction. Some of these services are free of charge, while others require payment of a fee. These services include not only the emptying of septic tanks and rubbish removal, but also assistance with rat problems and infestations of wasps.

Buses are free of charge. Timetables in English can be found HERE Check ssl.fo/uk for buses beyond the municipality of Tórshavn.

The Municipality is also focused on providing pure drinking water to all its residents. The Public Water Works Department owns and is responsible for the water pipes in the Municipality. Individual households have responsibility for the water pipes on their property.

It is also possible to seek assistance from the Municipality when you need extra help. For example, if your chimney needs cleaning or you have been locked out of your house. For more information about the services available, contact Snarskivan, +298 30 20 10.