You can see the placement of your child on the waiting list for childcare, as well as the priority listing of the daycare centres here. You will need to log-in with your username and password. Contact Snarskivan (+298 30 20 10) and ask for the staff responsible for the childcare waiting list registry to learn more about accessing the waiting list from the Internet.

Building Lots
The Municipality feels that it is important for everyone to know exactly what the waiting list for building lots looks like. Interest in the waiting list has been great over the last few years. Therefore, the decision was made to make the waiting list available on the Municipality’s website. To gain access to these public waiting lists it is necessary to register. After you register, a password is sent to your email address. Log-in using this password.

The Municipality is dedicated to raising the level of transparency in municipal operations. Thus, more and more similar waiting lists will be made available to the public via the Municipality’s website.

Industrial Sites
There is much interest in Tórshavn Municipality for industrial building sites and as a consequence more land has been made available for purchase for industrial purposes. In order to be listed on the waiting list for industrial property, the applicant must be at least 18 years of age. Applications for industrial property are prioritised according to the date of application and subsequently are grouped according to the business activities that are most desired by the Municipality.

Marina Space
If you would like a berth for your pleasure boat, contact the Tórshavn Harbour Master, who administers the various marinas. There are some 650 berths throughout the Municipality. Most are in Tórshavn and Argir. Patience is required as there are many applicants for only a few spaces. There are some 250 on the waiting list at present and it is not unusual for someone to wait 10 years before being granted a berth.