Household Rubbish

The Municipality oversees the pick-up of all household waste throughout the Municipality. Individual households must purchase their own rubbish or trash receptacles. Household waste is picked up once a week. The Municipality supplies special plastic bags for use in the rubbish containers.

Paper and cardboard is recycled and is picked up every six weeks. Hazardous waste is collected in special plastic bags twice a year.

Each household must dispose of any other household trash at the designated waste recycling centres.

The recycling centers located at á Hjalla in Tórshavn and in Kollafjørður receive all types of refuse and waste. The use of these recycling centres is free of charge for private households.

Recycling Centre á Hjalla
The Municipality has established a recycling centre for both household and industrial waste. The centre is a modern, well-designed and safe facility.

The recycling centres are arranged for easy access to containers in specially designated areas, depending on the type of refuse or waste material. Certain items, such as batteries or electrical equipment, must separated out from ordinary trash and placed in special holding containers. Generally, waste will be burned, buried or disposed of in other ways.

Recycling Centre á Hjalla
Á Hjalla 5, FO-100 Tórshavn
Telephone: +298 30 20 40. Fax: +298 30 20 41

Recycling Centre in Kollafjørður
FO-410 Kollafjørður