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Children in the Faroe Islands attend nine years of compulsory education. Children normally start attending 1st grade in August of the year they turn 7 years old. Children may attend a public school, an independent school or receive home-schooling if certain standards are met.

Children attend primary school from 1st to 7th grade and lower secondary school from 8th to 9th grade. Children may also attend an optional 0th grade and 10th grade of school. Public school education from 1st to 9th or 10th grade is free.

After completing 9th grade, children may attend a 10th grade in the Faroe Islands for free or do popular options such as boarding schools (eftirskúli) in the Faroe Islands, Denmark or other countries, or do an exchange year abroad with a student exchange organisation.

Students, who have completed 9th or 10th grade or a foreign equivalent degree may apply to attend one of the Faroese upper secondary schools (miðnám) or vocational schools for free, and students with upper secondary degrees may apply to attend the University of the Faroe Islands for free, or other universities abroad either for free or at a cost.

Primary school and lower secondary school (fólkaskúli)

The »fólkaskúli« is the municipal primary and lower secondary school in the Faroe Islands. Tórshavn Municipality has 10 public primary and lower secondary schools, two independent schools and one special education school. This section will provide information how to register your child for school and the contact information for the schools in Tórshavn Municipality.

The digital registration for schools is open from December 15th to January 16th, both dates included.

If your child needs extra Faroese lessons

Students with Faroese as a second language, or who haven’t learned Faroese before starting primary school, are entitled to extra lessons in Faroese.

Your child’s primary or lower secondary school can apply to cover the cost of extra lessons.

The lessons may be one-to-one with a student and a teacher, or group lessons with multiple students and teacher. The lessons will take place during regular school hours while the rest of the class has a different lesson.

The evening school in Tórshavn also has a free Faroese class for children aged 8 to 16 years. The children learn Faroese language and culture through games, hobbies, conversations and regular teaching. The classes are held during the day, not during the evening.

The evening school in Tórshavn – Faroese as a second language (

Attending the after-school centre

Children can attend an after-school centre from 1st to 3rd grade. You can register your child to attend the after-school centre at the same time as signing up for child for preschool or primary school.

You can register your child for the after-school centre through the link below. The child will attend the after-school centre associated with its primary school, and all children from the same primary school attend the same after-school centre.

You need Samleikin to access the booking system BARN.

Register for pre-school/after-school centre (in Faroese only)

After-school activities


Tórshavn Municipality has three youth clubs located in Tórshavn city centre as well as youth clubs in Argir, Norðasta Horn, Hoyvík, Nólsoy, Kollafjørður and Kaldbak.

The youth clubs and areas in Tórshavn Municipality are open to all young people in the Faroe Islands. The youth houses are meant for young people to hang out with your friends, play games, play e-sports, do excursions, join activities and events and much more.

You are welcome to join if you are between 13 and 18 years old. You do not need to register before joining.

Attending the youth clubs is free, and you can use the youth clubs to create projects, do your homework, relax or just hang out with friends.


Tórshavn Municipality has a large number of sports available for children and young people. See the section ‘Sports’ for more information and inspiration.

Members of sports clubs usually pay a membership fee, but many clubs offer free memberships to children and young people from low-income families.

Ask the clubs directly if you can try a few sessions before you decide whether to join.



Music school and evening school for youth and arts

Tórshavn Municipality has a music school and an evening school. The evening school offers a variety of classes such as arts, acting, electronics, cooking, filmmaking and languages, and also preparatory classes to improve your grades in specific subjects to apply for upper secondary school or university.

The evening school offers free classes in Faroese as a second language for children aged 8 to 16 years. The Faroese classes are held in the afternoon.

You need to register to attend the music school or evening school. Attending the music school or evening school has different costs depending on the activity.

Useful information about your digital registration
How to register for school

Step by step:

  • Registration opens on Tuesday, December 15th 2020 and closes on Saturday, January 16th 2021, both days included
  • Log in by clicking the link ‘Register for school’ at the top of this page
  • Choose ‘Register for 1st grade, preschool and after-school centre’
  • Type in the child’s information: Name, birthdate, P-number and address
  • Choose ‘1st grade’ and rank your 1st, 2nd and 3rd priority choices
  • Click whether your child has siblings at the 1st priority school
  • Click whether you want to register your child to attend an after-school centre

If you choose Skúlan við Løgmannabreyt or Skúlan á Fløtum you need to comment whether the child wishes to attend the dual music courses that the schools offer. The schools’ websites below contain more information about the dual music courses.

Choose ‘confirm registration’ when you have entered all the information. You will receive a confirmation of your registration in your MínBoks when the municipality has received your registration.

Conditions for acceptance at a school

As a parent you are free to choose any school in the municipality. Whether your child may attend your preferred school depends on the number of places available and the number of applicants. If the number of applications exceed the number of places available, the places are allocated according to these conditions:

  1. The registration was submitted before the deadline
  2. The child attends the school’s preschool
  3. The child has siblings in the same school
  4. The children living closest to the school will have a higher priority
  5. Special circumstances. Children with special social or educational needs will be prioritised to the school that best fits their needs, such as schools with special education classes or smaller size classes
Who can register the child?

You need to be registered at the municipality and be the child’s legal guardian in order to register it to a school through the digital registration.

Technological prerequisites to register digitally

In order to register digitally, you need to have access to:

  • a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone
  • the internet
  • MínLykil and MínBoks
  • the digital signature system Samleikin
Contact information for schools in Tórshavn Municipality
Public primary and lower secondary schools (fólkaskúlar)


Tórgarðsgøta 27
110 Tórshavn

Tel. 30 25 40


Principal: Eyðna Magnussen



Vegurin Langi 21
188 Hoyvík

Tel. 30 25 90

Hoyvíkar skúli 

Principal: Hans Jón Thomsen



Krossgøta 13
180 Kaldbak

Tel. 30 25 20

Head teacher: Fríðbjørg Hammer


Kollafjarðar skúli

Botnavegur 2
410 Kollafjørður

Tel. 30 25 50

Kollafjarðar skúli 

Principal: Jón Højsted


Nólsoyar skúli

Í Geilini 46
270 Nólsoy

Tel. 30 24 65         

Nólsoyar skúli

Head teacher: Jákup av Skarði


Sankta Frans skúli

Varðagøta 10
100 Tórshavnar

Tel. 30 25 30

Sankta Frans skúli

Principal: Aslaug Olsen


Skúlin á Argjahamri

Glyvursvegur 44
160 Argir

Tel. 30 25 10

Skúlin á Argjahamri 

Principal: Marjun Holm

Skúlin á Fløtum

Handan á 14
100 Tórshavn

Tel. 30 23 45

Skúlin á Fløtum

Principal: Regin Marnersson


Skúlin við Løgmannabreyt

Karlamagnusarbreyt 47
188 Hoyvík

Tel. 30 24 50 / 21 41 09

Skúlin við Løgmannabreyt

Principal: Høgni Joensen


Velbastaðar skúli                                                

Norðuri á Heyggi 19
176 Velbastaður

Tel. 30 25 05

Velbastaðar skúli

Head teacher: Trine Camilla Joensen

Independent schools


Undir Borgarhálsi 44
176 Velbastaður

tel. 32 81 50  /  22 81 50

Frískúlin í Havn

Manager: Sharon Weiss



Hoyvíksvegur 56B
100 Tórshavn

Tel. 75 50 80


Manager: Jenny Winther Poulsen

Special education school

Skúlin á Trøðni

Á Frælsinum 32
100 Tórshavn

Tel. 31 45 22

Skúlin á Trøðni

Principal: Jan Christiansen