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Tíðindi - 31. august 2021

Registration for Faroese as a second language has started

This is an announcement for immigrants. The course "Faroese as a second language" starts again on Monday 13 September. Kvøldskúlin advises immigrants to register as soon as possible.

Please register on the school's website: Send an email to if you require any assistance or help.

The course is intended for people who do not have Faroese as their mother tongue, but as a second language. The course is not for Scandinavians. Students learn Faroese and about Faroese society and culture.

The course is for 15 weeks. Teaching classes are on ordinary weekdays Monday - Friday from 09 to 12. The times are indicative.

The teaching is organized in accordance with the CEFR scale. Students are screened and then grouped before teaching classes commence.

The course concludes with an examination, and all students receive a final diploma from the examination; or a diploma, which gives access to further studies in Faroese as a second language.

The course fee represents a deposit, which is refunded if the student attends to a minimum, corresponding to 85% of the total number of classes, and attends the examination. Course participation is obligatory, and the student must be active in studies.

The course is organized in collaboration between Tórshavnar Kvøldskúli, the Ministry of Culture and Tórshavn Municipality.