Voting stations in the Municipality of Tórshavn

Your voting station will be mentioned on the voting invitation that you will have received in the mail.

You may vote early at the Citizen Service Centre (Snarskivan) in Tórshavn if you are unable to vote in person on the election day.

Voting stations
Voting station addresses

Høllin á Hálsi (The Grey sports centre In Tórshavn)

Hallarheygur 4
100 Tórshavn

Skúlin á Argjahamri (the school á argjahamri)

Glyvursvegur 44
160 Argir

Kaldbaks Skúli (the school in Kaldbak)

Krossgøta 13
180 Kaldbak

Skótahúsið í Kollafirði (the scout centre in Kollafjørður)

Botnavegur 3
410 Kollafjørður

Skúlin á Velbastað (The school in Velbastaður)

Norðuri á Heyggi 19
176 Velbastaður

Bygdastovan í Hesti (the town hall in Hestur)

Reynið 6
280 Hestur

Ungmannafelagshúsið í Nólsoy (the youth organisation house in Nólsoy)

Á Mýrini
270 Nólsoy

Voting station opening hours

All voting stations will open at 10:00 on election day and close at 20:00, or as soon as all voters in the queue have finished voting.

Which voting station should you vote at?
  • Residents in Tórshavn, Norðradalur, Hoyvík, Koltur, Hvítanes and Sund vote at the grey sports centre in Tórshavn (Ítróttarhøllin á Hálsi)
  • Residents in Argir vote at the school á Argjahamri
  • Residents in Kaldbak and Kaldbaksbotnur vote at the school in Kaldbak
  • Residents in Kollafjørður vote at the scout centre in Kollafirði
  • Residents in Kirkjubøur, Velbastaður and Syðradalur vote at the school in Velbastaður
  • Residents in Hestur vote at the town hall in Hestur (bygdastovan í Hesti)
  • Residents in Nólsoy vote at the youth organisation house (ungmannafelagshúsið í Nólsoy)