Childcare subsidies

The parents pay the cost for childcare such as nursery, kindergarten or after-school centres, but it is subsidised by the municipality. The prices will depend on how much of the cost the municipality subsidises, what type of childcare your child is attending, and how many children from the same household are attending childcare.

Parents with a yearly joint income of less than 360,001.00 DKK may apply for a larger subsidy, up to the full price of their child or children’s childcare. The subsidy is called an Childcare grant (Faroese: »frípláss«).

The deadline to apply for the childcare grant is July 1st. You need to register your child for a place at a childcare facility before you can apply for the childcare grant.

Childcare grant (frípláss)
Worth knowing about the childcare grant

The size of the grant is not fixed, and it changes based on the family’s joint income. The grant may therefore change between months according to changes in your income. The final adjustment of the childcare grant is regulated at the end of the year.

If your income changes, the Citizen Services Centre will be informed by the Faroese Tax Agency (TAKS). In this case you will receive a digital letter to your digital mailbox MínBoks. It is therefore important that you regularly read your digital post.

If your income changes permanently you should re-apply. If you are in doubt you should contact the municipality office in charge of childcare. In Tórshavn the Citizen Services Centre, Snarskivan, administrates the childcare grants.


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How to apply
Have your information ready

You will need Samleikin and MínBoks before you can apply for an childcare grant. They are free, and you can apply for Samleikin and MínBoks through the link below.

You also need to document your own and your potential partner’s current joint monthly income.

It is also your duty to document whether you or your potential partner have any additional income. This may include income from property rentals, stocks and bonds, and income that is not taxable in the Faroe Islands.

Calculate your childcare grant

The size of your grant depends on the joint household income. Use the income ladder for childcare grants to calculate your own contribution to childcare and the government subsidy.

To calculate your childcare grant you need to know your household’s joint income and your current cost for childcare.

Book your child’s place before applying

You have to book a place for your child in a childcare facility before you can apply for a grant.

You will receive the grant when your child starts attending the childcare facility. Please note that you cannot apply for the grant with retroactive effect.

If you are an independent business owner

If you or your partner run an independent business, you need to include the business’s registered owner’s advance tax statement with your application.

If your unemployment benefit has not been approved yet

If you have applied for unemployment benefits through the government’s unemployment office (ALS), you should write the name of your case manager at ALS in the comment section of your application for the childcare grant.

You also need to write that you consent that we may contact your case manager to ask about your case.