Til lesiveik

Faroese language training

You can find available courses, educational programmes and self-learning resources if you need to improve your Faroese language skills. Foreigners, who move to the Faroe Islands, usually have the right to 20 hours of free Faroese lessons. You must pay for any additional tuition yourself.

The 20 hours of free Faroese lessons also apply to schoolchildren who have moved to the Faroe Islands.

You can read more about the possibilities for learning Faroese on this page.

Language courses for migrants to the Faroe Islands
Evening school lessons

Evening schools around the country administrated by the municipalities offer classes in Faroese for foreigners. All foreigners with a residence and work permit have the right to participate in a 20-hours course in Faroese at an evening school free of charge.

The Tórshavn Evening School offers free courses in Faroese aimed at residents speaking one of the Scandinavian languages and for residents speaking non-Scandinavian languages.

The Evening School in Tórshavn also offers a 40-hours continuation course English-speaking foreigners. This course is subject to pay.

You may also contact the Tórshavn Evening School by e-mailing or by telephone +298 30 24 72. 

Private company lessons

Some private employers also organise extra Faroese language courses for their employees. You can ask your employer if this is available through your work.

Additional resources and self-studies
Faroese – A Language Course for Beginners

If you would like to learn Faroese at beginner level from home, you can purchase “Faroese - A Language Course for Beginners” by the publisher Stiðin. This is a bundle with texts, CD and grammar and is available in bookstores. The audio part of this bundle is also available on the internet and is free of charge. The instruction language is English.

Free online language course

Immigrants can also learn Faroese through a free online language course, which is the result of a partnership between the University of the Faroe Islands and the University of Iceland.  

The website Faroese Online offers interactive visual and listening exercises based on themes relevant to everyday life in the Faroe Islands.

Free online dictionary Sprotin

The Faroese publisher Sprotin has developed the most popular free online dictionary in the Faroe Islands, which contains dictionaries between Faroese and multiple other languages, including Danish, English, German, Spanish and Chinese.

The Faroese dictionary contains pronunciation, conjugation and inflection forms of almost all nouns, verbs and personal names. Sprotin also contains a Faroese thesaurus (Samheitaorðabók) and a Faroese encyclopaedia (Alfrøði) with for example facts, pictures and sounds of mammals, fish and birds commonly found in the Faroe Islands.

Sprotin is available as a website and an app.

Learn Faroese with Lexin online encyclopedia

The Lexin online encyclopedia contains interactive pictures and audio material that can translate between Faroese and a number of other languages.

The LEXIN dictionaries are developed especially for minority-language pupils in primary, secondary and adult education. The dictionaries contain words and expressions that are useful to know when you live in the Faroe Islands.

In the dictionaries you will find information about the grammar, simple definitions and examples of common use. In addition, you can see how the word is inflected and pronounced. You can also listen to the contents of the dictionary in Faroese with speech synthesis.

Pictorial dictionary

You can download a pictorial dictionary developed by the Faroese schoolbook publisher Nám using the link below. Please note that the service is not available for IOS computers.