Practical matters and self-service

The Integration Coordinator of Tórshavn Municipality

For personal guidance or information about events for newcomers in Tórshavn municipality, please get in touch with our Integration Coordinator.

Fía Lindenskov

Integration Coordinator

Tórshavn Municipality


Telephone: +298 271048

facebook: (1) Integratiónssamskiparin - Tórshavnar Kommuna | Tórshavn | Facebook

Integration service for newcomers

On the website, you can find more information on different topics that can be relevant for newcomers, including a direct link where you can ask for advice and guidance in relation to practical matters.

Integration service for newcomers (

Snarskivan (Tórshavn Citizen Service Centre)
Snarskivan (Tórshavn Citizen Service Centre)

Vaglið 11, 100 Tórshavn

Tel. 30 20 10

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Monday - Thursday9-16