Here is an overview of emergency contact numbers.

Call 112 in case of an accident, fire or serious crime

Call 112 for nation-wide assistance only:

  • in case of an accident, fire, or a serious crime
  • if lives, property, or the environment are in acute danger
  • if there is a need for immediate police assistance, an ambulance, the fire brigade, environmental action or search and rescue services on land or at sea

Be prepared to answer the staff at the emergency call centre:

  • what has happened, where and when?
  • which phone number are you calling from?
  • how many people are injured?

In case of illness or accidents you will quickly be referred to a health care professional.

The emergency call centre staff will stay on the phone with you while help is sent to your location. Please remain at your location until the help arrives.

Only call 112 if the situation is urgent. If the situation is not urgent, call the nation-wide police assistance at 114.

Call the police at 114 to report a crime or non-urgent incidents

Call 114 for nation-wide police assistance

  • if you want to report a crime without a need for immediate police assistance
  • if you have information for the police about a committed crime
  • if you need information or guidance about permissions issued by the police

Call 112 if you need urgent or immediate police assistance.

You may also call or contact your local police about non-urgent matters. Please find their addresses and phone numbers on the police service’s website.

Find your local police office (

Call 1870 if you need out-of-hours medical service

The out-of-hours medical services are open in the evenings and the weekends when your regular doctor’s office is closed. Their telephone number is 1870.

If you experience an urgent illness or suffer an injury outside your own regular doctor’s opening hours that cannot wait with being treated, you can call the out-of-hours medical services.
An on-call medical doctor will answer your phone call, and you will either:

  • be consulted over the phone
  • be asked to attend an accident and emergency department
  • be asked to book a consultation with your regular doctor during opening hours
  • receive a home visitation by a medical doctor in certain cases

The on-call medical doctor may prescribe medication, refer you to an accident and emergency department or admit you to hospital.

The on-call medical doctor will be able to assist you quicker if you know the patient’s civil registration number (p-number) or their name and birthday, and if you have taken the patient’s temperature if you suspect a fever.

You can find addresses, phone numbers and further advice on the National Hospital’s website:

After hours GP service (

Accident and emergency departments

Accident and emergency (A&E) departments treat serious and urgent injuries that your regular doctor is unable to treat, such as broken bones.

A&E departments are often busy, which may result in long waiting times.

Patients must be referred to the A&E before being admitted.

In the case of accidents and serious injuries, call the nation-wide emergency services number 112.

In all other cases, first call your regular doctor or the out-of-hours medical services number 1870 before being told to go to the A&E.

You can find the addresses of the A&E departments in Tórshavn, Klaksvík and Tvøroyri on the links below.

The National Hospital in Tórshavn (

The Hospital in Klaksvík (

The Hospital in Suðuroy (

Emergency dental treatment

Two dental services provide out-of-hours dental treatment for accidents or emergencies.

Emergency dental care for children up to 17 years old: call +298 30 25 25 and follow the instructions. This service is free of charge but is only available to children.

Emergency dental care for adults: call +298 31 45 44. Please note that emergency consultations for adults are much more expensive than dental care provided during regular opening hours.

Report a theft

You can report a theft online through the police service’s website via the link below. Your report will be treated as confidential by the police.

Please note that personal attacks, break-ins, burglaries or other offences that demand immediate attention by the police must be reported to the police through phone or by showing up at the station in person.

Always call 112 in case of urgent emergencies.

You can find your local police office’s address and phone number on the link below.

Reporting your lost credit card

If your credit card is lost or stolen, you should block it and report it immediately. The Nordic credit card provider Nets will answer your call at any time and day of the year.

If you had a Dankort, Visa/Dankort or Visa Electron, please call:

If you had a MasterCard, Maestro, Visa or American Express, please call:

Nets will ask you to provide the following information:

  • Name of the cardholder
  • Address of the cardholder
  • Card number or account number

You must contact your own bank if unauthorised charges have been made with your lost or stolen credit card. The bank can also issue a new credit card to you.